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Testimonial 1: 

My name is Skyler Adelson. I'm a IT guy and 40 years old. I always feel very stressful in my work and then I'm hard to have a  good sleep. When my friend refer me to have this hot stone massage,  I tried immediately. It feels so good. I fall a sleep when I'm having the massage. I feel very relaxing and have good sleep for a week. I very recommend the hot stone massage to all of you.

Testimonial 2:

I'm Teresa, I had dizzy spells which made my movement, such as walking inconvenient. I tried many places but I did not receive a very good result. Eventually I heard of Mr. Mo, he is very good at treating various health issues. Mo used a combination of acupuncture and herbal treatments for several times. My dizzy spells went away. Thank you Mr. Mo!

Tesimonial 3:

Hi, this is Frankie. I sit long in my work. My shoulder and lower back and thigh feels very  stiff. After having this hot stone massage, I feel my whole body very light as floating in the sky. This's a wonderful massage. I think everyone who have these problems should come to try this hot stone massage.  You will say WOW after having it.

Tesimonial 4:

Hi, this is Mary. I have been weighted 210lbs for many years, and together with diabetic II. My friend told me Mr. Mo is very good at weight loosing and treating diabetic II. I then tried his all in one package, amazingly just the first cycle, I lost  30lbs in 30 days, and my blood sugar level lowered to 6.5 before meal. after 2 months, i tried the second cycle, i continued to lose 20 lbs, and my blood sugar level lowered to 5.9 and without inject the insulin, or take any diabetic medication. He is really wonderful! Thank God that I met him in time!

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